Tony's Money


"When legend becomes fact, print the legend."

Tony's Money is inspired by a legend set in one of San Francisco's oldest restaurants. From the tuxedoed last stand of Original Joe's in the City's Tenderloin district, to the curtained booths of Sam's Grill, in the Financial district, San Francisco's restaurants provide a wealth of stories. My experience waiting tables at the famous Sam's Grill led me to encounter an eccentric and aging cook who, legend had it, secretly carried his life savings underneath his clothes. This inspired me to fuse life experience with the film influences of neo-realism, social-realistic style, and film noir. A story developed that touched on finding identity in a struggle for humanity, a message in ordinary life, and a glimpse of life in the shadows. It is a story in the tradition of DeSica's The Bicycle Thief, Kazan's On The Waterfront and Dmytryk's Christ In Concrete.

The story focuses on the working class relationship with money, and the battle with debt. It is a theme with international appeal, set in the visually rich world of classic San Francisco. It is told using original and engaging characters that touch on themes of work and family life. Themes that are struggling to find a voice in a new world order. This is a story that can affect an audience and reveal a part of our culture that is disappearing.

- Peter Quartaroli