Peter Quartaroli

Peter Quartaroli is an actor / producer who divides his time between San Francisco and Los Angeles and works consistently in film and television. Peter has been a Screen Actors Guild member since 1986 and has been the lead actor in 3 recent independent films (The Confessional, Broken Arrows, Isolated.) He has had strong supporting roles in Zodiac, Valley of the Heart's Delight, Village Barbershop, and Confined. In recent projects he has worked with David Fincher, Mark Ruffalo, Pete Postlethwaite, Selma Blair and Lori Petty. Earlier work has included the studio films Scorpion King with The Rock, and Bandits with Billy Bob Thornton, and Cate Blanchet. Past independent films have been in a variety of different festivals, with his television work being on both network and cable, and credits in over 25 films.

Peter started the production company Table 21 Films, and has strong relationships with directors including Lori Petty. He recently completed co-producing the feature film The Poker House that was directed by Lori, distributed by Phase 4 Films, and was an award winning film at the 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival. Peter has worked as a producer on the feature films Broken Arrows, Confined, and Isolated. Currently Table 21 Films is developing Tony's Money, an independent feature film based on an original story by Peter; and Deep Blues / Flamenco Jondo a documentary about blues and flamenco, in collaboration with proJazz from Màlaga Spain. The Deep Blues / Flamenco Jondo writers are Grammy winning music producer and blues historian Larry Cohn and celebrated flamenco historian Fèlix Grande.

Peter Quartaroli has been the force behind the development of Table 21 Films' Tony's Money since he conceived the story after working with the real Tony Luchetti. To bring the concept and script for Tony's Money to fruition Peter sought production experience. He started as a team member of producer and 1st AD Josh McLaglen in order to gain access and experience on large-budget studio films. He applied film experience, communication skills and creative-management to his involvement in independent film projects. The result has enabled Peter to oversee the completion of films that are true to the creative vision of the director, and provide high on-screen production value. Peter's producing and acting work has been a process that has continued to evolve. His goal as a filmmaker involves the creative collaboration, growth, and quality necessary to best convey stories that both entertain and move their audiences.